Types of Memberships

The American Goat Society is a membership corporation. Members may be individual, family, or junior. An individual who submits an application for membership to the corporation and pays dues may become a member. All members shall be entitled to pay member prices for transactions regarding their goats. Honorary members may be appointed by the Board, with approval of the membership, for outstanding service rendered to the corporation.

Individual Membership:
This membership is for individuals age 18-65. Each individual member shall have one vote. They may be elected to the Board.

Senior Membership:
This membership is for individuals age 65 and over. It is essentially a discounted individual membership and provides for all the same benefits and privileges.

Life Membership:
This membership is for individuals only. The one-time membership fee provides the member with all the benefits of an individual membership, for the life of that member. If a life member is inactive for more than 2 years, a postcard will be sent to that member to confirm that they wish to continue to receive services.

Family Membership:
Family members shall register all goats under one herd name. Any member of the family may register animals and represent the family when showing goats. They shall be entitled to only one vote and only one family representative may serve on the Board.

Junior Membership: (under 18 years)
provides most of the benefits of an individual membership other than the right to vote or serve on the Board.

AGS memberships run from January 1st through December 31st of the current year. New memberships sent in after October 1st of the current year will be good through December 31st of the following year. Current members renewing early for the upcoming year are eligible for a $5 discount on their dues. New members and members who have not renewed for the current year are not eligible for this discount.

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